For most all members annual dues will be due March 31,2022. You may pay at the Clubhouse by Check, Cash or Credit Card Tuesday, Thursday Afternoons, most Saturdays and Sunday Afternoons. If you mail your dues please mail to: Kettlefoot Inc.

21101 Kettlefoot Lane

Bristol, VA 24202

DO NOT Mail to the PO BOX address. IT is no longer used.

Dues are the same as last year. 200.00 for regular and 150.00 for senior 62 and up. You may still pay multiple years if you wish. Silver members should stop by the clubhouse to renew.

We will be sending invoices to every member by email if your address is on file and by USPS if not. We are implementing a new Member Organizing System that will allow you to pay online if you wish. Check your email. We will be sending out invites for this soon, if you want to join just follow instructions.

As part of this, every member will need to come by the Clubhouse in the next year and update your info, sign your member waiver and get your new photo ID. We will issue a schedule for this to avoid a long wait.

Construction on the New Road to the upper ranges should begin in the next few weeks. Funding for this will involve a special Stock Sale. This will be your chance to help the club and acquire shares of stock/ownership in the facility at a special reduced price. We hope to raise enough funds and avoid other less desirable means to finance a very large project.

We are looking forward to all the improvements and we will continue to strive to be the best.

Wayne Wills