*****Important News*****

Attention All Kettlefoot Members:

   Work on the road to the upper ranges will begin Monday Feb. 28. Please be advised that the road will be closed Monday through Friday until the project is completed. The construction crew will do their best to insure the road and ranges will be open on the weekends. If the weather is favorable we should be finished in a few weeks. The lower Pistol Range , Plinking Range, Rimfire Range, Shotgun Ranges  and the 200yd. Precision Range will remain open.

  To finance this project Kettlefoot Recreation is having a Special One Time Only Stock Sale. Under the original Charter there are only 2000 shares of Stock available. 980 shares are already held by 160 members. We are offering 1000 shares at a special one half price of 250.00 a share to finance the project. Any one person can only own and vote 40 shares. This is a one time offer and may be the last time shares are offered, so if you would like to help the club and own a share of a great facility now is the time. If we raise more funds than we need, the remainder will be used to defer Club Debt. If we do not raise the needed funds we may have to raise dues or utilize other less desirable options.

  Contact Wayne Wills at [email protected]  or Sam Snead  at [email protected]  or come by the club house Tues, Thur. or Sunday Afternoons for more details. I plan on being at the club house at these times and most Sat. Mornings until April 1 to collect dues and conduct other business.

  Wayne Wills

  Club President