Spring Fling Shotgun Competition

Kettlefoot R&GC’s

Spring Fling 4-Gauge Team Competition

A 5-Man, 4-gauge Team, Fun Competition will be incorporated into Kettlefoot’s 7 May, 2022 Trophy Shoot.  There will not be an extra fee to enter the 5-man, 4-gauge event.  Each team must have a 12-, 20-, 28- and 410-gauge representative, with the 5th gun being the shooters’ choice.  Each team member must be from the same club.  A team award will be presented to the winning team.  Clubs may enter more than one team.  Teams must be formed at the point of registration or before.  In other words, shoot management will not arrange teams.Individual shooters may not enter with more than one team.  The highest number of clays hit per 5-man team wins the event.  There are no sub-gauge handicaps for theTeam event.All NSSA and Kettlefoot skeet rules will be in effect.In the event of a tie, it will be resolved bycomparison of each tying team’s longest run.

Scores from this team event may also be entered for the normal Trophy shoot competition.  With one exception, Kettlefoot’s no sub-gauge handicap policy will remain in force.  The lone exception will be a two-bird (per 50) handicap afforded to each team’s designated 410-gauge shooter for purposes of the Trophy shoot event.  Each team’s 410 shooter may avail themselves of this handicap, or, for an extra fee of $8.00, may shoot a second 50-bird skeet round with a larger gauge for the Trophy shoot competition.  Shooters must elect this option at time of registration.  (Shoot management encourages designated 410, 5-man team shooters to accept the 2-bird handicap for the Trophy shoot competition, but does not mandate it.)  This lone exception to the no sub-gauge handicap policy shall not be construed to impact Trophy shoot rules in any other manner.  And, this exception applies only to one designated 410 shooter per 5-man team.  If a second shooter elects to shoot 410 gauge, it will be scored without handicap in all instances.

Kettlefoot R&GC looks forward to hosting teams from our sister clubs for our first Spring Fling, 4-gauge team competition.