Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Club offers several different disciplines for the shooting enthusiast.  We have Trap, Skeet, Five Stand, Archery, Vintage Rifle, IDPA, USPSA, IR 50/50, ARA, and Indoor 22.  Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a complete novice, you are assured of an enjoyable day of shooting at our facility.

If you do not know an active member who can sign your application as your sponsor, you can go to the main club house any Sunday at 1:45pm and meet with a club officer who will review and sign your application.  You can then plan to stay for the New Member Orientation which begins at 2:00pm

Applications for membership may be obtained at the facility, through email correspondence (, or by downloading the material directly from our website — click here.

Membership Qualifications

  • Applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Applicant should be of good moral character and have no criminal record.
  • Applicant must be sponsored by a Member in good standing who shall vouch for and recommend the Applicant.  If you are not affiliated with a current Member, the Club Secretary will provide information on how to obtain a sponsor.
  • Applicant must be willing to adhere to all Club Rules with the understanding that any breech of said rules can result in suspension and/or loss of membership, and loss of liability protection in case of accident or injury.
  • It is recommended, but not required, that applicants belong to the NRA.

Membership Tiers and Fees

Bronze Tier

  1. Senior - $150.00 per year, Regular - $200.00 per year (subject to standard increases).
  2. Club usage may be limited if “Hours of Operation” are ever put in place.
  3. A Bronze member is eligible for Silver Membership after one year.
  4. Spouses and/or Dependent Children are allowed access under the “Guest” policy only. Remember to sign your guests in at the main club house.

Silver Tier

  1. Senior - $250.00 per year, Regular - $300.00 per year (not subject to standard increases).
  2. Membership may be purchased outright or earned by paying Bronze dues and working 8 hours or more per month to make up the balance.
  3. Silver Members will have full access to the club – even if the club goes to “Hours of Operation” in the future.
  4. Silver Members are welcome to attend Business Meetings to participate in decisions relating to Kettlefoot, Inc. and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors of Kettlefoot, Inc.
  5. Silver Members are eligible for discounts on Shooting Fees, Supplies, and other Club related expenses.
  6. Silver Members are allowed reasonable Guest privileges.
  7. Only Silver Members are allowed the option of becoming Gold Members.
  8. Only Silver Members will have the option to apply for a Life Membership – if offered in the future.
  9. Silver Membership includes an Associate Membership for Spouses and Dependent Children.
  10. Silver Members may apply and will be given first priority for any paid positions that become available.
  11. Only Silver Members may serve on the Board of Directors or hold office in Kettlefoot, Inc.

Gold Tier

  1. A Gold Member is a Silver Member who owns at least one share of Kettlefoot Recreation Stock.
  2. Member retains all of the benefits of a Silver Membership, plus the right to attend and vote at all Kettlefoot Recreation meetings and is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Platinum Tier

  1. A Platinum Member is a Gold Member who owns 10 or more shares of Kettlefoot Recreation Stock.
  2. A Platinum Member retains all of the benefits of a Bronze, Silver and Gold membership.
  3. Only a Platinum Member may serve as an Officer or on the Executive Board of Kettlefoot, Inc.

Before receiving a membership card and gate access code to the facilities, all new members must attend an orientation during which time they are briefed on the Club Rules, safety issues, and particulars of each range.  Dependents age 18-22, listed as an Associate Member, must also attend the orientation.  There’s a $10.00 fee to replace a lost or stolen membership card/gate code.

If an Associate wishes to maintain their membership upon reaching age 18, they must submit an application to become a regular dues paying Member.  The Initiation Fee will be waived at that time provided they have been listed on the roster and apply within the first year of eligibility.

Any Member called to serve an active military duty, deployment overseas or out of the area, should notify the Club Secretary so that Club Dues/Membership can be maintained during their absence.

Additional Fees

  • One-time administrative processing cost of $100.00.  Application fees are non-refundable and due upon submission of application.
  • Membership Renewal Notices for annual dues are sent out each February by email and/or regular mail.   Payment is due by March 31st.
  • Late fees are assessed as follows:
  • April 1st through April 30th — $20.00.
  • May 1st through May 31st — $50.00.
  • A failure to submit payment within 60 days can result in the loss of membership, and an additional fee to re-apply.
  • Return check fees are $25.00.

If you’ve any additional questions regarding our membership programs, feel free to contact us.