Discipline for:  Pistol

Revised:  2019

Steel Challenge Shooting Association, otherwise known as SCSA, is a shooting sport that is all about the “speed”. SCSA draws shooters from a broad spectrum of shooting sports, including USPSA, IDPA, SASS, and many others. The competition is easy to understand and is highly spectator friendly — it can be a port of entry into many shooting sports for young or beginning shooters. Competitors may shoot in a variety of divisions using rimfire pistols and rifles, centerfire pistols, revolvers, pistol caliber carbines, and carry-optics pistols.

Holsters are not needed for rimfire pistol. Rimfire pistol, rimfire rifle, and pistol caliber carbines start from the low ready position. Centerfire pistol divisions and carry-optics require a holster as the start is with a holstered firearm and hand/arms in the surrender position.

Rimfire Divisions include:

  • Rimfire Pistol Open (race division) — anything goes including optics and compensators.
  • Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights – any iron-sighted pistol including fiber inserts (no optics allowed).
  • Rimfire Rifle Open (race division) — anything goes including optics and compensators.
  • Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights – any iron-sighted pistol including fiber inserts (no optics allowed).

Centerfire Pistol Divisions include:

  • Open (race division) — anything goes including optics and compensators. Open Division holsters from USPSA are to be used.
  • Limited – any iron-sighted pistol without a compensator, barrel ports, or optical sight. Fiber inserts are allowed. Limited Division holsters from USPSA are to be used.
  • Production – any double-action or safe action pistol on the USPSA Production List. Production Division holsters from USPSA are to be used.
  • Single-Stack (1911 models only) — Single-Stack Division holsters from USPSA are to be used.

Revolver Divisions include:

  • Optic-Sight Revolver – any revolver equipped with electronic/optical sights.
  • Iron Sight Revolver – any revolver equipped with iron sights. Fiber inserts are allowed.

Revolver Divisions include:

  • Pistol Caliber Carbine Open (race division) — legal PCCs and SBRs allowed. Optics and compensators allowed (suppressors are illegal).
  • Optic-Sight Revolver – any iron-sighted rifle including fiber inserts (no optics allowed).

Carry Optics Division – double-action or safe action/striker-fired semi-automatic pistol equipped with an optic sight (compensators or ports are not allowed).

Within the above divisions are competitor classifications based on skill. They include Grand Master (GM), Master (M), A, B, C, D. Competitors will become classified in each division and then compete with other shooters within the same classification.

Kettlefoot will typically shoot 6 stages. The first 3 stages will be any of the official 8 stages and will vary monthly. The remaining 3 stages will be various steel stages shot by other clubs around the world that will continue to challenge and sharpen your skills.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Eye and ear protection.
  2. Pistol or rifle with minimum 150 rounds of ammunition.
  3. Appropriate holster for centerfire pistols according to USPSA.
  4. Appropriate shooting bag/pouch for rimfire pistols, rimfire rifles, and pistol caliber carbines with chamber flag inserted. Competitors will un-bag these firearms at the Range Officer’s command to do so at the firing line. Muzzle should be kept pointed down-range.
  5. Two or more magazines (5 is ideal). A helper can load for you while you are shooting if less than 5.

Visit the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) at

Kettlefoot SCSA will be the 2nd Sunday of each month beginning May 2019. If numbers permit, the Match Director will allow competitors to shoot 1st and 2nd gun within the same squad for time. Entry Fee is $20.00 USD — this fee covers shooting 2 guns — $5.00 USD each for additional guns beyond 2.

  • 1st gun will be at 11:00 AM.
  • 2nd gun will be at 2:00 PM.

note: new shooters will need to arrive by 10:00 AM and must attend the New Shooter Briefing at 10:30 AM.

Range Coordinator

Billy Miller, Current Match Director: