Discipline for:  Pistol

Revised:  2019

United States Practical Shooting Association, otherwise known as USPSA, is a sport that allows competitors to compete in an attempt to measure their abilities to shoot quickly and accurately. Speed and accuracy is paramount to scoring well in USPSA. Simply put, the faster and more accurate you can shoot a stage, the better you will score versus your peers.

We are now doing online registration for matches which can be found at
From here, search Kettlefoot and upcoming matches will be found. You can sign up to expedite the process on match day. Simply pay on match day and you will be on your way!

Kettlefoot Gun Club typically has 6 stages that will compose a match. During these courses of fire, (CoF), the shooter will typically have to draw his pistol from a holster and move throughout the stage engaging paper and/or steel targets. The competitor will also have to reload the pistol or carbine and continue shooting the course of fire. Scoring of the targets will be done when you have finished and are recorded into a Nook along with your time. Kettlefoot scores using Practiscore which is an electronic version of scoring that is uploaded to for you to be able to see at any time after the match.

There are different divisions in USPSA for semi-auto handguns, revolvers, and now a Pistol Caliber Carbine division, also called PCC. Within those divisions are classes, such as GM, M, A, B, C, and D. Shooters will shoot classifiers in USPSA, and over time, a shooter will become classified in one of the aforementioned classes, so that you will be able to compete with other shooters within that same classification.
Kettlefoot typically will have at least one classifier stage at each match. After shooting four classifiers in the same division, you will get earn initial classification if you have become a member of USPSA. It is recommended that you join USPSA in order to keep with your classifications and you will also enjoy the many perks that come with belonging to a great organization.

You can learn more about USPSA and action pistol shooting by visiting

Also, we have a great group of volunteers that compose the pistol shooting sports at Kettlefoot Gun Club. If you have a question or are interested in learning about any of the pistol disciplines we have a Kettlefoot, our people will be more than happy to help you. The leadership at the club level have also allowed the action shooting sports to progress by purchasing steel targets, timers, electronic scoring devices just to name a few.

Note:  New shooters need to arrive by 9am, and must attend the New Shooter Briefing at 9:30am.  The matches start at 10am.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Pistol:  Must be 9mm or greater.
  2. Holster:  Holsters must retain the firearm during any required movement, must cover the trigger of a holstered gun, must point to the ground when the firearm is holstered, and must be carried at belt level.  Shoulder holsters, fanny packs, et al, are not allowed.
  3. 4 or more magazines.
  4. Eye and Ear Protection.
  5. Minimum of 125 rounds.

Stages — 6 (up to 32 rounds per stage):

  • 1st Gun is $15.00 USD and $20.00 USD for non-members.
  • 2nd Gun is $5.00 USD for all shooters.

Range Coordinator

Eric Wilson:  Current Match Director    (423) 782-7395
Jason Pratt:       (423) 967-1063