Discipline for:  Rifle

Revised:  2016

The USRA-IR50/50 is a .22 rimfire benchrest competition that contests a competitor’s shooting skills from the bench under limitations specified in the Rules.  Three classes, 13 ½ lb, 10 ½ lb, and Sporter (7 ½ lb), are designed to place competitors on an equal footing.  Matches are contested at 50 yards and 50 meters.  For those who prefer fewer restrictions, check-out 50/50 Unlimited.

Shoot well locally and gain national recognition within the “Shooter of the Year” program (SOTY) or travel around having fun along the way gaining points for “The List” and moving up in the Unlimited “Scoreline“.


Wayne Wills:

Match Director
Jim Jones:  (423) 306-4319