Discipline for:  Shotgun

Revised:  2015

Kettlefoot Trap is broken down into three categories:  16 yard singles, “16 yard doubles” and, “handicap” which is shot between 19 and 27 yards.  In singles, each shooter takes one shot at each of five targets in each of the five positions, in sequence, while standing 16 yards (15.6 m) back from the trap house.  The trap rotates back and forth so it is impossible to know which way the target is going to come out.  Handicap is the same as singles but shot from further away.  Adult male shooters start at the 20 yard line (18.3 m), women and sub-juniors at 19 yards (17.3 m), and work their way back “earning yardage” for shooting a score of 96 or higher, winning a championship or other major event, or shooting the highest score when 15 or more competitors shoot that event.  No two shooters on the same squad should have a difference of more than three yards (2.7 m) between them.  Doubles is shot from 16 yards (15.4 m) and the trap is fixed to fire straight away with the left and right targets appearing to be straight away when standing between positions 4 & 5; and 1 & 2, respectively.  Two targets are thrown at the same time with one shot per target allowed.  There’s no second shot on any target in Trap singles or handicap.  Official events and rules are governed by the Amateur Trap Shooting Association or ATA.

For more information regarding the Trap discipline, visit the official ATA Website.  ATA Shooting Event results are posted on the official VTA Website.

Fourth-Saturday Rules

  1. All ATA/VTA Rules apply to Trap matches.
  2. All ATA/VTA, NSSA, and NSCA Rules apply to Trophy Shoots.
  3. These are open matches and the public is welcome, however; anyone behaving in an inappropriate or unsafe manner will be disqualified and removed from Club property.

ATA Registered Shoots are held the 4th Saturday of each month. Although dates and times are subject to change based on a particular event, registration typically begins at 9:00am and shooting starts at 10:00am.  Usual costs for ATA events are $20.00 USD per 100 targets, plus ATA and VTA fees of $5.00 USD per day.  Beginning November 1st, 2008, fees will increase to $25.00 USD for the 1st 100 targets, $20.00 USD for the 2nd 100 targets, and $15.00 USD for the 3rd 100 targets.  In a normal 300 target event, the cost is $65.00 USD for the entire competition, and a meal is provided at no charge.  In addition, a Middle 50 option is available for $5.00 USD.  If no champion is selected, winnings will accumulate until someone runs the Middle 50 in the Handicap Event.

Beginning the 1st Thursday evening in April 2015, and each Thursday evening thereafter, until the last Thursday in October 2015, Kettlefoot will be hosting the Big 50, ATA Registered Shoot from 5:00pm until dark.  Fees are $8.00 USD per 50 targets, plus a daily ATA and VTA fee of $4.00 USD.  You may register 50 Singles and/or 50 Handicap and/or 25 Pair Of Doubles.  These shoots are also open to Non-ATA Members.  Members may use their Shooting Card to pay for Big 50 events at a reduced rate:  ten (10) 25 target rounds for $35.00 USD.

First-Saturday Trophy Shoots are merely for fun, are not registered, and have no connection to ATA events.  The price is $10.00 USD per 50 trap and 50 skeet singles targets and $12.00 USD per 50 sporting clay targets. Awards are presented to the “High Overall” and “Class” winners.  Registration starts at 9:00am and shooting starts shortly thereafter.

Automated Fields

Trap Field #1 is fully automated.   Purchase a WIFI card for $10.   The $10 is refundable if you decide you do not want to use the card anymore.  Instructions on how to use the system are provided when you purchase a card.   Purchase a WIFI card at the main club house any Sunday from 11am to 2pm, or the 1st and 4th Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, or contact the club president or secretary to arrange a time.

Range Coordinators

Bill Skeen:       (276) 628-2077
Wayne Wills: