Lost Firearm

Someone lost a firearm at the club. If you have lost a firearm contact Wayne at ewwills@btes.tv. Be prepared to give him make, model and serial # to claim your lost firearm.

Pistol Matches on the Upper Ranges this weekend

We are hoping to have matches on the upper ranges this weekend. Please watch for the predicted Storms and be aware of any changes to the road.

Powder in Stock at the Club Store

We have the following powders in stock and for sale:

Virta Vuori N133, N140 and N35M


Hogden Trail Boss, Lil’ Gun, Tight Group

Accurate 5744, 2495

Norma URP, 202, 201

Winchester 296, AA Plus

Alliant, BE86, Reloader 7,19,33 2000MR, Blue Dot and Bullseye

Upper Ranges

With the dry weather we’ve had the last few days we have been able to use the upper range area; however with the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow be aware they will probably be closed the next few days. Surveyors will be out tomorrow, so hopefully we will have a plan in place soon.

Volunteers Needed for work on the 1000 Yd Range

Bob Thomas and others have scheduled a work weekend for June 26 and 27. If You can help please show up. Bring your 4 Wheeler, Chain Saw, Weed Eater etc. if you have them. One or two week ends of work and we will have the range open. The more help we have the easier and quicker it happens.

Upper Ranges closed

The latest downpours have caused some more problems. The Upper Ranges will be closed for the next few days. The engineers will also be working this week to determine what must be done to fix the problem. Hopefully we will have a few days of dry weather and we will open them as soon as possible.

1000 yd Range and other updates

The 1000 yd Range will open as soon as we get a crew to remove some small Trees and Brush and set the Benches. Bob Thomas will be asking for volunteers soon. He has been moving and unable to get free for a few weeks.

The road to the upper ranges is stable for now. The engineers will be core drilling next week to determine what we must do to fix the problem. We are waiting on their report before improving the road and the 300 yd Range.

Kettlefoot Rimfire

Starting Sat. June 25 all Outdoor Rimfire shoots will be ARA, IR50/50 and ABRA. You may select which match you wish to shoot and what class. All 3 will run concurrently. The only exceptions are major tournaments such as the Nationals. We will update the calendar as soon as possible.

Triple Crown

Kettlefoot will host the Triple Crown of Rimfire May 24 through May 30. Please note that the Pistol Range on the right as you enter the gate will be closed most of the week.

Upper Ranges Open

Upper Ranges are now open, Please be cautious and watch for changing road conditions.